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Humans of North Scott

Inspired by Jenny Brown, our librarian, and our library's book, Humans of New York, we are starting a new project in Mass Media. We'll be walking the halls and getting quotes from students, faculty, and staff. We hope you like how this turns out.

"Anyone can achieve anything as long as they work hard at it and never give up."


"When my uncle died, was when my life got hard. He was just a really nice person."


"Trying to figure out what is going to get them motivated... Every student is different, and they-- they're being pulled in every different direction."


"We are taught stuff that we are not going to use in our future. 'What do you want to do?' Weld."


"Because I run this school!"


"The hardest thing I've done in my life is teaching high school seniors how to build a nice home."


“I’ve been in America the whole school year and it’s fun but I miss my family and friends back home in Spain.”


“Growing up, I was really close with my uncle and he went to prison for a few years when I was 12. That was a really rough time but it really shaped me as a person.”


"Counting down the days till graduation."


"Loving the new era and how technology is such a part of my life."


"Sharkeisha and Rat are their names, they're bad dogs."


"State wrestling is the greatest experience anyone could be a part of."


"I have really bad time management, always procrastinating on homework. But my girlfriend doesn't seem to mind because she's usually the one sitting right next to me."


"I'm afraid of what people perceive of me. Weird and Annoying. Why? Because I can be. I've been confronted about it once. I don't remember what happened exactly. All I remember is them saying 'You're so annoying. Shut up.'"


​"I've always been myself...Well I guess. Actually a lot of people don't know I can sing. I love to sing."


​"The only advice I have ever given was to a mentally disabled woman. Only real advice I think I've ever given. She couldn't reach for a basketball hoop, so I sat down with her while she was crying about it, and explained there might be some tough stuff to get through in life, but as long as you keep believing and you keep wanting to go after it, and--and you don't want to shy away from it. You have to keep going for it. You honestly have to believe in yourself, even if you have flaws."


"Can you describe the happiest time in your life?" "Well, I can’t remember it but it was probably when I was born."


"We had a house fire last year and we drove away to my Grandma's house but my dad stayed back at the house. I fell asleep because it was late at night and when I woke up the whole family was there. I just remember feeling a huge amount of relief."


"I want to code video games or military simulations..."


"When my parents got divorced, I was at a young age and I didn't understand what was happening."


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