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North Scott Homebuilding Open House

The students involved in the Student Built home program are proud to announce that an open house has been scheduled for May 23rd at 6:00 pm. Food and Drinks will be provided. Everyone is welcome to attend and see the fine craftsmanship of your fellow North Scott students. Awards and Scholarships will be given out to students involved in the program.

Students began the year by taking a safety class and receiving OSHA safety certification. Then students began working on the floorboards of the home. From there, the students constructed walls, set roof trusses, built stairs, and put up drywall. The house has allowed many of the 24 students to learn new skills that they’ll use the rest of their lives.

Students also learned professional work skills needed to work with many different people. In this year's case, the students worked with drywallers, framers, and a floor company. A few of the students even received job offers from the companies they worked with.

Located on the corner of Pinehurst Dr. and S 7th St Ct, the four bedroom home is much larger than previous homes of the program. All granite counter tops and fully finished basement make this 3100 sq. ft. house the most expensive home built by the Student Built Home Project. For more information on the home, read our article written by Corbyn Heppe that recaps on some of the more detailed information on the home.

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