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NS Literary Magazine Looking for Submissions

The Morning Star, North Scott's literary magazine is open for submissions until April 21st. As a fine arts magazine, we accept any form of writing or visual artwork--including essays, poetry, prose, photography, paintings, and drawings.

The Morning Star actually has a long history at North Scott, being founded in 1983 as a way to showcase students creative endeavors unlike ever before. The original founders believed that the magazine itself was a merging of The Lance and The Shield, our newspaper and yearbook, respectively. But the true meaning of the title comes from the idea that the term describes any person whose talents are just beginning to show--the kind of student whose work would be found in The Morning Star.

The editors of The Morning Star are excited to see what North Scott students will come up with in the coming months and are looking forward to putting your work in print.

Submissions can be submitted to this Google Form or to Mrs. Hintze's room, D8. If you have any further questions, emails can be sent to

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