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9 Ways To Ask Your Homecoming Date Without Embarrassing Yourself

This is a student submitted article, written by Marlayna Cockshoot

Homecoming proposing season full of awkwardly asking your crush to the dance in front of an entire class staring with anticipation isn’t scary at all… right? To ask someone out nowadays, you have to think out of the box. A simple question said out loud or through text won’t always cut it, but homemade Chinese fortune cookies totally would. In this article, you will learn the best ways to ask out the cute person who sits next to you in math to homecoming.

Who doesn’t love a classic Hoco sign?

If you agree, here are some for you:

1. I finally got the chick!

Who doesn’t love Chick-fil-A? In our house, we call it “God’s chicken”, but I just call it the best.

On the poster, you would write, “You're the only Chick I want to go to Hoco with” and you would also grab some Chick-fil-A to eat with them.

No one can say no to a good chicken sandwich and waffle fries!

2. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

A giant bear to put on your bed? Yes, sir-ee!

Paired with a sign saying, “I couldn’t BEAR Hoco without you”, a big carnival bear would make any girl smile.

3. For all those sportsball player dates!

Watching volleyball, basketball, base/softball, and many other sportsball games are so fun, but for the players, they are difficult to play.

Surprise your cutie crush with this sign to brighten their day after sports.

A sign saying “Hey, (their sports number), let’s have a ball at Hoco” and some Powerade and candy would make any athlete happy after a long sport-filled day.

4. If you want to make them blush…

If you believe they are beautiful, which you probably should, this is perfect for you!

This proposal includes a pretty bouquet of flowers and a sign saying, “Flowers are the 2nd most beautiful thing, can I go to homecoming with the 1st?”

5. “Hey, can you pass this note to them?”

This note may be too big to pass, but hey, you can walk up to them and hand it to them!

After walking up to them instead of trying to fold up the poster, you could present to them a poster saying, “Will you be my: o Hoco date o girlfriend o both?”

No signs? No problem!

Here are some more special ways than just a sign:

6. Chinese Fortune Cookies

If you noticed that the special person you are glancing at during lunch always goes for Chinese food, this would be perfect.

I am biased since I got asked this way once, but the proposal technique is making Chinese fortune cookies for them. This is probably the most difficult on this list, but it also is adorable and tasty.

Take a recipe either found on Google or below, write on a small slip of paper to put inside the cookie, “will you go to Hoco with me?”, and slip the cookie onto their plate when you confidently sit by them at lunch. After all your hard work, you can get to watch them open up your handcrafted cookie to find the sweet note sitting inside.

Linked here is one of the fortune cookie recipes I found.

7. Coffee Connoisseur

Are they a coffee-lover? If so, this one is perfect!

Figure out their favorite type of coffee and grab them a cup some morning coming into school. Take a sharpie and write on it, “Hoco?” When giving the cup to them, say, “This is hard to espresso, but I'll take a shot. Go to Hoco with me?” You could even ask to top it with latte art in the shape of a heart to add even more romance and thought to it.

8. Take the bait… please?

Some people are obsessed with snacks rather than full meals, and I am not knocking it. If they are that type of person, maybe think about this cute snack tactical box!

Add all their favorite snacks to the box with a note on the inside of the lid saying, “I want to tackle Hoco with you, so I wanted to o-fish-ally ask you… will you take the bait and be my date?”

9. Please donut hurt if they say no!

If I am being honest, I don’t like donuts, but I know a lot of people do!

A dozen Hurts Donuts, Dunkin Donuts, Hyvee, or any other brand of donuts with the inside of the top saying “Please donut say no… Hoco?” would make this amazing Hoco proposal a true thing.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope all your Hoco proposal wishes come true!

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