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An Actually Attainable Summer Bucket-list

As we all know, summer is here, and it's finally time to have some good old (legal) fun! While a lot of us set goals for the summer like places we want to go, books we want to read, crafts we want to make, etc., if you're like me, you only ever accomplish about half of those goals. But with this being my last summer at North Scott, I am going to try to fit in as much fun things as I can. Because I will be working Sunday afternoon through Friday morning every week, I want to make as much out of the time I have left with my friends before college. It's gonna be hectic for sure. If you want to join in on the fun, here are ten bucket-list items that you can easily check off this summer.

1. Drive-in movie night

In the Quad Cities, there are two pretty well-known drive-in spots: 61 and Blue Grass. Over the past few years, this has been my favorite summer activity to do with friends. The best part is that you can bring food, candy, and drinks to enjoy with the show! Pro tip: bring a portable radio so you don't have to keep your car on.

2. Ultimate TV/movie marathon

If you aren't the outdoorsy type or the movies aren't doing it for you, a movie or TV series marathon at home is another super fun alternative. I personally have spent MANY summer nights with my sister binge-watching Marvel movies, Grey's Anatomy, the Disney Princess franchise, and more. My favorite thing to do is cozy up with some popcorn or pizza or ice cream or candy or Atomic... or all of the above! I recommend having either a subscription to a streaming service or an entire collection of DVDs, because otherwise you'll have to just watch cable or something.

3. Picnic

Nothing is more fun than sitting outside in the summer with an icy drink and snacks. Picnics are a great way to get fresh air and hang out with friends. They can be super chill like picking up Jimmy John's and sitting on a raggedy blanket at Crow Creek, or it can be a special occasion with cake, nicer clothes, and gourmet food. Picnics can be whatever you want them to be! Either way, they are so much fun and a nice relaxing activity.

4. Trip to the IC

If you have never been to Iowa City, you really need to get out more. It's one of my favorite places in Iowa because of all of its charm and energy. There are recycled clothing stores, antique shops, restaurants, dessert places, and tons of little treasures to find! I have been going to Iowa City very frequently the last few years, and whenever I have time to explore the town it is a great time.

5. Read a book!

I know we all get in our little reading ruts, but there is nothing better on a boring day than sitting down with a good book. There are so many to choose from! I personally can't wait for the chance to read more this summer!

6. Tie-dye extravaganza

From an experienced tie-dyer, it brings you so much joy. The flow of the colors, the weather outside, the dye getting all over your hands; it's an experience like no other. Because I'll be working at Camp Shalom this summer, I will have tons of tie-dye things. A little challenge might be for you to show me up with your tie-dying skills. Good luck with that, lol.

7. Spend the night outside in a tent

Like I said, I will be working at Camp Shalom, but we stay in cabins. My favorite thing when I was little was sleeping outside in a tent. It doesn't matter where you're at who you're with! Weather can sometimes make a difference, but in my opinion it is all part of the experience! Bring a sleeping bag and a fully charged phone. You'll need it!

8. Try a new hairstyle

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you guys didn't know, I basically do something new with my hair every summer, and it is my favorite event of the year. Try something new! Hair grows back:)

9. Test out different restaurants

Do you ever stop and think about all of the restaurants you see while driving down the street in Davenport? Or when you take a trip and there are 20 million all packed in one spot. Well I do. For a long time I was too afraid to try new foods, but once I did the first time it became easy and fun. This is a way to expose yourself to new flavors, cultures, and recipes. Who knows, maybe you'll find a hidden gem!

10. Attend a concert

This one has to be one of my favorite summer bucket-list activities ever. I am an avid concert-goer (when I have the money lol) and have seen artists like Harry Styles, Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter. My challenge for you this summer is to not just settle for the Mississippi Valley Fair, but find an artist you really like and take the time to appreciate their music! You won't regret it.

So there you have it. The 2023 bucket-list that you can actually do. However you like to have fun, go and do it this year because we all deserve a summer of fun:)

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