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ANOTHER Wild Weekend in Football

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

How can you follow the improbable divisional round of NFL playoffs? Maybe the weekend could start out with Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback to play football, announcing his retirement. Or did he? Well, according to multiple sources Tom Brady has announced his retirement, but it appears like Tom Brady himself did not officially announce it. Which had many people speculating if the 44-year-old is actually calling it quits. However, on Tuesday, Tom Brady did officially announce his retirement on social media. That news made quite the headlines, but there were still two big-time AFC and NFC championship games to be played.

And both games turned out to be just as crazy as last weekend. With a trip to the super bowl on the line, the Bengals headed into Arrowhead to face off against the two-time defending AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs. The Bengals and Chiefs faced off in week 17, with the Bengals bettering the chiefs 34-31. Sunday’s game was just as thrilling as anyone would’ve expected, but it did not appear that way early on. The Chiefs scored three touchdowns early on in the first half and lead 21-3. The Bengals did score again before the half and had a big stop at the goal line to hold the Chiefs from extending the lead any further than 21-10 at halftime. The Bengals came to play in the second half, after an Evan McPherson field goal, the defense came up with a big-time turnover. This turnover allowed Joe Burrow to find his go-to wide receiver, Jamarr Chase for a touchdown. A two-point conversion evened the score at 21-21. A Bengals field goal solidified 21 unanswered points and propelled the Bengals to a 24-21 lead in the fourth quarter.

Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs down the field and set up a tying field goal. Once again the Chiefs were going to overtime, and once again the chiefs won the toss. Many people would’ve expected a similar outcome with Patrick Mahomes scoring a game winning touchdown without the Bengals getting the ball. However, the Bengals got a huge interception which allowed them an opportunity to set up another Evan McPherson game winning field-goal. The Bengals had punched their ticket back to the super bowl, for the first time in three decades, with a final score of 27-24.

Division rivals faced off in the NFC Championship game with a chance to go to the super bowl. The Los Angeles Rams hosted the San Francisco 49ers in an intense battle. No points were to be scored in the first quarter, as the defenses prevailed early on in the game. A Rams touchdown was directly answered with a 49ers score and the teams were even at 7-7. A Robbie Gould field goal allowed the 49ers to go into halftime leading by 3. A George Kittle touchdown propelled the Niners to a 10 point lead going into the final quarter of play. The Rams were not willing to quit, as a Cooper Kupp touchdown inched them closer. With a Matt gay field goal.

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