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Are They Missed? Pep Rallies at North Scott Have Been Scarce

The past couple of years have been some of the craziest we have seen. COVID-19 has made changes in our lives that we could not imagine. One way that it has affected our school lives is in the number of pep rallies that have been held this year.

Before COVID-19, we would have around four to five pep rallies. This was because we would have one once per quarter as well as the rally for the homecoming court, depending on how they lined up.

The lack of pep rallies leaves the pit empty outside of basket ball and wrestling season.

This year we have had one pep rally that was held to Announce the homecoming court, and this followed the format that they have every year. Announcements, a game that allows us to cheer on our classmates, competing for the spirit stick, and then the announcing of the court.

Now that we have made a full return to school and have seen many of the mandates on COVID-19 lifted, why haven’t we gone back?

Some students and teachers have speculated that the reason for the lack of pep rallies is because of the lack of interest from students. Others say that it is because the school is being cautious with COVID-19 still being a large concern for parents and students.

These are both valid reasons, but Pep Rallies are important because they allowed students to share and show off what they were involved in. It is a great opportunity for freshmen to see what we have to offer in clubs and activities and it is also a great way to build team spirit and Lancer pride.

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