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Black ops 2

Released November 12th 2012

Today I am going to be talking about a video game that changed the way we game. The Call of Duty—or COD for short—before this was Modern Warfare 2. MW2 was a great game for “trickshotting.” Trickshotting was a major thing in COD, and it became peoples jobs once Black Ops 2 came out. Black ops 2 was a very fresh new COD that had so much more than MW2 had when it came to trickshotting. Black Ops 2 wasn't a very big hit in the first few months because no one knew what to trickshot for or even how to start. Faze Apex was one of the first people to hit a trickshot in 2012. After Apex hit this trickshot, everyone started switching back to Black Ops 2 because everyone was hitting the same stuff on MW2 because you could only do a few things in your trickshot on MW2. In Black Ops 2 there were so many different things you could do like Nac, insta swap, walking man, and toughness shots. Black Ops 2 has so much to offer when it comes to multiplayer. There are so many game modes like Party games. My favorite party game is sticks and stones or gungame. Sticks and stones is a game mode with a crossbow and ballistic knives, and you have a certain amount of lives and shots. Gun game is when you get a kill with that weapon, your weapon upgrades. Multiplayer has stuff for everyone and not just for the trickshotters and competitive players.

Zombies in BO2 has to be one of the best zombies game modes ever in COD history. When the game first came out, the four maps we had were Tranzit, Town, Farm, and Dinner. Tranzit basically took you to all three of these locations and also to two more as well. The other buildings are power, and also the tunnel. Town is the most popular zombies mode because it's a medium size map that you can train and camp in and won't have to worry about getting overrun because there's no small spaces. When the game got a little older, DLC maps would come out and zombies had some of the coolest maps like Origins, Mob of the Dead, Die Rise, Buried, and Nuketown. My favorite out of all of these is Buried because there is some new stuff in the Mystery box and also because there are new perks. One major thing added to this map was Leroy who helped you break down barricades and also put stuff in place so it wouldn't move like the mystery box. One of the things everyone loved about Zombies was the Easter eggs that tied together in the end when you completed all the Easter eggs. Black ops 2 in its prime was the most played game and every time I mention a COD game Black ops 2 is the first game that comes out of people's mouths.

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