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Bop or Flop: High School Subjects

Last week I sent out a Google form to the school to learn what people honestly think of their classes. I went out to look for the most popular and least popular subject. I also made a statement at the beginning of the form about privacy: “These answers will not be given to any teachers or staff. Your privacy and honest responses are valued. Your information will be put into statistics and may be anonymously quoted.” All information will be kept anonymous in this piece.

First, the most popular subject. The answer is surprisingly well mixed. Of the options, social

studies came out as the most popular, with 17.6% of students claiming it as their favorite. The options were pretty evenly split, with all but one subject having at least one vote.

The reason why has a clear winner, with the other options not far behind. For this section, students could select more than one option. 79.4% of students said that they enjoyed this subject because the topics in the class were interesting to them. Right behind this, 75.5% of students said it was because they liked the teacher in the classes.

Now for the least popular. Throughout the entire voting time, I had my eye on the results. Without fail, this subject was between ⅓ and ½ of the answers: Math—a whopping 32% of students stated that they like the subject the least. In second place, with 22%, is science. The third place trophy goes to English, with 15% of students saying it is their least favorite subject. There were other subjects that were chosen, but none with numbers this big.

Overall, the reason why people don't like those subjects is because they find them boring. Again, for this section, students could choose multiple answers. 71.5% of students said it was boring, and 47.5% said it was because they didn't understand the material.

Students could also check an “Other” box, where they could write their own reasons. One student disliked their subject, health, because “it’s a lot of memorization.” Another student explained their issue with science. They said, “I think science is important, but I sometimes struggle with the amount of work. Besides this, I usually have a hard time remembering some of the concepts we learn in science.”

I also allowed for extra comments at the end, and many were pretty insightful. One student explained their answers, saying “I enjoy math because there is always one set answer, whereas English is the complete opposite.” Another student had the opposite opinion, saying that the “English department is top tier, math department actually sucks the soul of everything.”

Overall, students have pretty good reasons why they like or dislike certain subjects. What do you think? How did your answers compare to the average answer?

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