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Brand New Club!

Here at North Scott High School, we run a multitude of clubs. From Service Club to GSA to Robotics, we’ve got it all. But, this school was missing a crucial club: a video game club. Having a club for video games would not only be cool—it would be an amazing place to meet people with similar interests as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a club like that? Good news: we do now!

As of 2/23/2022, Caden Romero and I will be hosting the Gaming Club every Wednesday from 6th period to 5 p.m. We plan to play a variety of games every week and even host tournaments with prize pools occasionally. The club will serve as a place to not only hang out but make new friends! If you or anyone you know has an interest in gaming, please feel free to email us as or The club can be found in room E5 (Spanish hall, Ms. Romero’s room). Also, feel free to join the discord server at! Hope to see you there!

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