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CAFÉ D'MARIE--A Restaurant Review

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The outside of the Café :)

This weekend I was feeling adventurous. Unfortunately, my impulsiveness hit at 11:00 on a Sunday, so the most I could do to quell it was to try out a new restaurant for lunch! Let it be known, I am using the term “new” very loosely. I have been to Café D' Marie once before; I was twelve—for reference, I am seventeen now. All I previously remembered from this experience was that I ate quiche and that the inside of the Café was adorable.

Finding parking was a bit difficult—the building is completely surrounded by brick roads (I love) but that meant they were skinny. Let it be known, I suck at parallel parking and really didn’t feel like attempting it. After illegally parking, I considered the problem solved, and Hattie and I (my twin sister) made our way up to the Café. Just as I remembered, the outside looked like a cute little house. The restaurant takes up the entire ground floor of the house which I love because it provided a cozy and quaint atmosphere.

A Short Wait

The gorgeous entryway featuring Hattie!

It was about a half-hour wait, which some people may count as a negative. We did come at a very busy time though, and we didn’t mind waiting. The entryway is gorgeous, with art you can buy on the walls, menus so you know what to order, a chandelier, and a tall fern for greenery. There was a lot to look at! As soon as we were seated, a waiter came up very promptly to take our order. I ordered the panini and soup combo with Strawberry lemonade, and Hattie, always health-conscious, ordered the hummus wrap.

Home Kitchen

My lunch date-The hummus wrap looks fire

Because the restaurant is in the bottom floor of a house, it isn’t cold and sterile like a lot of restaurants are. The kitchen is just like one you would have in your own home, and you can watch your food being made. It really is a home-cooked meal. The setting also means that they have to fit a lot of tables in a very small space, so you may have less privacy than you might be used to.

I loved it! I was hesitant at first, but it grew on me.-- Hattie Hagedorn

The Food!

My panini!

When our food came, it was absolutely to die for. The pesto mayo on my panini really tied the whole thing together, and the Portobello mushroom soup was incredible. Neither Hattie nor I knew what to expect for her hummus wrap, but it was a pretty good size and came with kettle chips as a side. Both her wrap and my combo were 10 dollars each, which some people may consider expensive. The strawberry lemonade I ordered was very good and used real strawberries—but it was five dollars . . . was it worth it? Probably not. Overall, the food was delicious, and we loved our waiter; he was very personable and friendly (I gave him a big tip).

I would recommend Café D Marie for couples or very small groups of people. It is quaint and romantic, but not really suited for larger groups of people without a reservation. They had a very expansive menu for being such a small business and is well loved by the community—it was packed when we went! I will definitely be back.

The Coffee Bar! They make a whole HOST of different lattes.

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