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Capturing the School Year: Behind the Scenes of the Yearbook

Baily Newberry

Buying a yearbook is a timeless tradition that allows us to look back on high school memories way after we have moved on from that time in our life. They allow us to be nostalgic as we remember how much we loved our science teacher freshman year or all the fun we had at the homecoming dance years in a row. Yearbooks capture memories throughout our time at high school, and the 2021-22 yearbook staff is working hard to capture these memories in a fun and creative way.

The theme for the 2021-2022 yearbook is “Making a Comeback” featuring 70’s inspired design elements to spice up the book. This is a nontraditional and deviant route from a traditional yearbook, which is typically school colors. Instead, the staff decided to have fun and include muted colors, funky swirls and flowers throughout the book. Yearbook staff member, Kylie McCabe (senior), explains, “We wanted to add colors like we did last year, but also go with our theme ‘Making a Comeback.’ So we decided on a fun retro vibe.” The staff decided to go with a more colorful and fun theme because it allows them to be more creative—and they enjoyed working with color in the 2020-2021 edition. It will be so exciting to see how the staff pull this off when we get our yearbooks in June!

The yearbook staff has lots of fun working on the book as a team. They put in hours after school, but have tons of fun together as they work hard to capture the school year perfectly. Here is a big shout out to the staff and Michele Mess, who works extra hard in order to produce a book people will love and cherish for years to come.

The yearbook staff has worked incredibly hard to produce the 2021-2022 book, and they are ecstatic for all of you to see it! Follow along with the staff on instagram@northscottyearbook!

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