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Chat With A Club: FBLA Club

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

"FBLA, officially known as Future Business Leaders of America, is the high school division of a career and technical student organization (CTSO) dedicated to preparing students for careers in business," was stated by FBLA-PBL themselves.

With over just around 200,000 members in over 5,000 chapters, FBLA is a very significant and large organization of clubs! The club helps prepare our students to combat the business and economic future, one of the biggest aspects of our lives!


If business and making the world a better place sounds good to you, then maybe the club does too!

To convince you to join FBLA, I have interviewed a business teacher from NSHS:

Mrs. Oltman

What does FBLA do?

Mrs. Oltman: "FBLA is Future Business Leaders of America. We work with businesses, learn about soft skills, volunteer, and learn more about how to be a leader!"

What opportunities are within FBLA?

Mrs. Oltman: "The opportunities within FBLA include meeting businesses, working with businesses, and later going on to competitions. The competitions include dress to impress, marketing, communication, and business plans."

How could FBLA help me as a person?

Mrs. Oltman: "FBLA is a nationally recognized organization, there are a lot of scholarship opportunities and it looks great on a resume. It will help you become a good leader and a more confident speaker, and develop soft skills the business industry is looking for employees to have. It is a great club to join if you're looking for somewhere to fit!"

Do you have any other information that you would like to tell everyone?

Mrs. Oltman: "FBLA is a newer club to our school and is working hard to make it a great environment! Our meetings are every other Wednesday during P6 and EVERYONE is welcome!"

Overall, FBLA is a great choice for a club and could benefit you in many ways! From scholarships and awards later on to friends and a community, FBLA is the right place for you!


Thanks for reading and see you during P6!

(If you are a freshman, make sure to sign up for Ellen Oltman's class on Infinite Campus!)

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