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Chat With A Club: Student Government

Do you want to be a part of a club that plans our school dances? Do you want to make a difference in our school's decisions? Do you want to decide on homecoming themes and decorations? If so, Student Government is the right club for you!

To convince you to join Student Government, I have interviewed one of the Student Government Leaders of NSHS: Mrs. Sambdman

What does Student Government do?

Mrs. Sambdman: "Student Government provides a voice for the student body and plans events to create school spirit and community spirit."

What opportunities are within Student Government?

Mrs. Sambdman: "Someone can be involved however much or little they would like! They can suggest events, plan, execute, or advocate for fellow students. There is the general SGA at-large, and then the smaller committee that is more of a time commitment and gets the ball rolling on activities and planning."

How could Student Government help me as a person?

Mrs. Sambdman: "SGA can help you make new friends with people you would not otherwise hang out with, you will develop leadership skills and project management skills, and it allows you to find new and exciting ways to plan events and explore new interests."

Do you have any other information that you would like to tell everyone?

Mrs. Sambdman: "We really want to have as diverse of a population in SGA as possible, so we have representation from all people at North Scott."


Thank you for reading this! Have a good day!

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