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Chat With A Club: The Lance

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Do you like writing articles about the daily news? Do you have a big opinion on movies, food, shows, or other things you would like to share?

If so, you might be the perfect pick for The Lance!

To convince you to join The Lance, I have interviewed The Lance English teacher of NSHS:

Mr. Chapman!

What does The Lance do?

Mr. Chapman: The mission of The Lance is to provide an avenue for expression as well as a place for the students at North Scott to be entertained and to read about issues that they are concerned with. We are a place to publish art as well so that the visual and written arts reach a wider audience. Our job is to provide students with a place to express themselves and a place for other students to witness that expression. We publish everything from short stories and poems, to movie and music reviews, to articles on everything from the war in Ukraine to the Homecoming Court. We try to be a place to educate readers on issues that are important to students at North Scott.

What opportunities are within The Lance?

Mr. Chapman: In the fall, we run with a tiny staff (of you, me, and Mallory Bell), and we try to make sure the newspaper stays true to its mission by printing new articles each week, but The Lance really kicks off in the spring. During the spring semester, The Lance becomes not only a magazine for the students here, but a classroom where students can get experience in all aspects of journalism: website design and formatting, story writing, interviewing, research, editing, humor writing, and many others. It's a very diverse set of skills that are required to run this, so there's a place for everyone.

How could The Lance help me as a person?

Mr. Chapman: I think reading The Lance helps you connect more deeply with peers here in school--readers get insight into the lives of others here at North Scott, and sometimes that can help students feel more seen, less solitary. I think as you all get older, knowing how to tell good information from bad and how to evaluate sources for credibility will be crucial, and I think that The Lance is a good place to learn good elements of research and to see those practices in action. I think the arts are one of the most essential elements of life, and when The Lance can showcase great art that the students here make, that's a good thing for everyone.

Do you have any other information that you would like to tell everyone?

Mr. Chapman: We'd love for all students to get involved, so if you ever have an idea for a story, or took an amazing picture of the sunset, or wanted to learn more about a topic, please let us know, and we'll tell you how to become a writer for The Lance. Thanks for the support from North Scott and the students!

As you can tell from this Q and A there are many benefits of joining The Lance. From writing articles to reviews, there is an unlimited opportunity in the club!

If you aren't looking for a large commitment club, The Lance is right for you! If you want to be a one-time ghostwriter, that would totally work! If that sounds interesting, email your article to Mr. Chapman, myself (Marlayna Cockshoot), or Mallory Bell!


Thank you for reading and hopefully, you join The Lance!

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