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Class Review: His-117 Western Civilization

August 24th, 2023, I walked into Mr. Greenwood's classroom for my first Western Civilization class. To say I was nervous is a huge understatement; I was terrified especially because I am not a huge history fan, and the first day of class was not great. Mr. Greenwood started off the class by trying to scare all of us and it almost worked. I really thought about dropping the class, but I am so glad I didn’t. As the semester progressed, the class got really interesting.

It is such an amazing class and actually pretty easy if you just take notes and pay attention to Mr. Greenwood. Mr. Greenwood is such a fun and understanding teacher as well.

So my opinion on the class is this: TAKE IT!

I sent out a form to the students here at North Scott High School to see what the overall opinion of the class is and got some pretty interesting information. Out of everyone that answered the form, all but two of the students that said they took the class, really enjoyed it. I also asked previous students for advice to tell the students that are contemplating on taking the class and these are some of those answers:

“Even if you're not the biggest fan of history, the course is taught by Mr. (Kent) Greenwood. Greenwood is a fun and enthusiastic teacher who can be sure to spark excitement in students for the topic at hand.”

“It’s a super fun class and Mr. Greenwood’s teaching is very engaging. I took it my junior year and it was definitely a workload for me especially because history is not my thing. I would recommend this class to anyone who is willing to put the work in, or if you are a history genius, you will be fine.”

“If you're interested in history, this is one of the best classes you can take in high school. Mr. Greenwood is also a very fun teacher to have, and is perfect for the class in my opinion. Regardless of whether or not you actually like history, it's worth taking the class just for the teacher, and for all of the important information you learn about how history affects our world today. Overall, I'd recommend that everyone at least consider taking this class.”

Those pieces of advice describe the class really well. There will be notes and quizzes everyday but as long as you read the assigned textbook pages every night and take notes during every class, you will be just fine! It is also a GEN ED so if you plan on going to college, this will be a great class to take!

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