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Cody Road is Coming to Eldridge!

Are you a fan of chai lattes? I am. Whenever I go to a new coffee shop, I order them every time. They’re my go to. So it stands to reason that I would have a pretty comprehensive ranking of the chai in the greater Quad City area. Now that we’ve established my credibility, let me just say that Cody Road Coffee has the best chai. Definitively. It’s not even close. Nowhere else do you get so much intensity of flavor without even a trace of bitterness. The only problem is that they’re all the way in Le Claire, and that’s a heck of a drive for one drink. Now, I have some great news.

Cody Road Coffee is opening a location in Eldridge! The co-owner, Jennifer Gehrls, also owns the Eldridge Subway and intends to consolidate the Subway and new Cody Road location into one building, across the street from where the Subway is now. She reveals in an interview with the QC Times that the building will contain a fireplace and have drive throughs for Cody Road and Subway. She says, "We have had just such a great reception to our business, and we thought it was time to share it with another community." Construction will begin in spring and is anticipated to finish in mid to late summer. So if you need something to look forward to, you’re all set!

Click for the article “Cody Road Coffee expanding to Eldridge” from the QCTimes.

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