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College Dance Team Nationals: Dancer’s Super Bowl

The 2024 College Dance Team Nationals was an absolute game-changer this year. UDA Nationals is a three-day competition in January where college dance teams across the world travel to Florida to perform their routines they have been prepping all year for. For dancers, this is a huge competition that is becoming known as the “Dancer Super Bowl.” Dancers across the world are absolutely going feral over these top college dance routines this year. There are arguments over the routines and who should've won what, but one of the biggest rivalries: Minnesota vs. Ohio State, has caused chaos across social media. Not even just dancers, but non-dancers across social media are starting to get involved too. Here are the staple routines that made history at 2024 UDA (all are linked).

Ohio State’s jazz routine this year was so unique and never seen before. Ohio State 

brought home the jazz championship title while gaining tik tok fame during the process.

A video of the OSU team's winning performance on Tik Tok has since been viewed almost 5 million times.

For comparison, over 300 universities from 48 states participated in the 2024 Dance Team National Championship. This classy routine was done to the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. Full of insane turn combinations and crazy tricks, Ohio State’s jazz routine is an inspiration to many dancers. The emotion and technique brought them a 98.9206 out of 100, placing above Minnesota’s jazz routine, one of their biggest rivals. Ohio State’s dance team is known for their sharp movements, togetherness, and emotion that ties the routine together. A large part of their jazz routine this year was their props: red ties. The red ties are incorporated into the dancer’s movements, as well as the suit jackets they are wearing. Overall, these dancers tell a story with this dance. With such a unique routine, they were able to bring home the victory.

Though Minnesota was not able to beat out Ohio State’s Jazz, they were able to gain a first place victory in pom. Now this dance was absolutely amazing, but their jazz routine was unlike no other. The difficulty of this routine is over the top. Matthew Greco, their one male dancer is amazing. He had many featured solo parts where he was able to perform complex turn sequences, tricks, and emotional parts of the routine. The song Dream On, by Aerosmith, that they performed to was a compelling piece that laid the foundation of the tribute of the routine. Back in 2004, the Minnesota Dance Team performed a routine to this song that brought them a national championship. It was the year that they won in both pom and jazz, making that year special for them. Wanting to continue the legacy, they decided to use Dream On to “ love letter to the legacy and those past alumni.”

These two teams always bring the absolute best to the stage. I have always adored these teams and their dances are always amazing every year. These two teams routines have definitely become a staple in dance history and have caused disagreements all over social media about who should have won the jazz category. I personally can not choose because I know that the NS dance girls would come at my life whichever one I choose lol. Even non-dancers have been passionate about this subject and I have had many conversations with people about these routines. Though, there is one more that I would like to mention.

This routine absolutely devoured. I am a huge hip hop girly and this routine was incredible. The LSU Tiger Girls always bring the sass, skill, and creativity in these routines and this was definitely one of my all time favorites. This routine was performed to the song Smooth Criminal, by Michael Jackson. This routine contained fast footwork, tricks, and emotion that brought them the national championship in the hip hop category. This routine was clean and classy. They scored a 97.22/100, beating our Las Vegas. Overall, the Tiger Girls bring something new to the stage every year that makes the crowd go wild.

There were many routines that I watched, but these three stood out to me the most and are becoming viral all over social media. If you have not checked these out, even if you are not a dancer, I would recommend.

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