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Covid: How it Attacked My Summer Plans

Of the many ways people have been impacted by Covid, a school trip being delayed doesn’t really rank. However, it’s what I’ve chosen to complain about today. On July 12th of 2021, I, along with 21 other students, were supposed to leave for Dublin. The plan was two days in Dublin, two days in London, and two days in Paris. It was organized through EF Educational Tours, a tour company known for economical prices and a fun, hands-on approach to international learning. It’s kind of the trip of dreams. Great set up, right? Now, Covid comes in. The future of the trip was pretty uncertain for a while, then, in March, it was announced that the trip would be delayed until June 20th 2022.

Mrs. Sambdman says that she and Mrs. Hintze, the teachers in charge of the trip, decided to delay the trip just a week before EF officially canceled the trip due to safety concerns. The students going on the trip were predominantly class of ‘22, and will already be graduated when the summer of ‘22 rolls around. Many of the students dropped the trip, which brings the overall number from 22 to 6. Mrs. Sambdman is concerned that if any more students drop she may just have to cancel the trip for everyone. She is also grateful that parents were largely understanding of the changes made. The most common questions were about how to get credit or refunds.

On the subject of credit and refunds, I will get into the main portion of my complaining. The most egregious offense? Their hold music is ear-bleedingly god-awful and it’s a genuine miracle that I didn’t go insane after three hours listening to it. Now, into the concrete details of it. If you wanted credit with EF, the tour company, you could get the full value that you paid. If you wanted a refund, you would get the amount you paid, minus 500 dollars. Which is a lot of money to lose! Either way you spent a lot of time on hold. Basically, it was a headache for just about everyone.

Covid is the worst.

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