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Do We Actually Recycle?: The Truth About NS Recycling

Many people believe that North Scott does not recycle and combines the trash bins anyways. However, is that the truth or a rumor stated by students?

Recycling, both paper and plastic items, has always been thought to be disregarded in our school district. Since I was young, peers and adults have told me they don't believe or that they know the schools don't actually recycle. With good intentions in mind, I would still force myself to throw away recyclable things in the recycling. However, the efforts of teachers and students to recycle has not been a waste--at least at North Scott.

To crack the code on the recycling beliefs, Nate, the head custodian, tells us what truly happens.

Are the rumors about recycling true?

Nate: "Well the word on the street is incorrect. All the recycling bags get dumped when they're full into a recycling dumpster. This is a special dumpster next to the regular dumpsters out back. This dumpster gets dumped on Mondays and Thursdays around noon every week."

How about paper recycling? Also, what is the process for recycling?

Nate: "I would love to explain the process to them. I really don't think people realize the efforts and time that is spent to do the best job we can. At one time, I had a compactor where we compacted all the cardboard but now we allow the recycling center to do this step as it was very time-consuming. The bags are dumped into the dumpster. The dumpster they dump contains all recyclable items and gets resorted at the recycling center. Trash pickup and recycling pick up are done at different times and the recycling dumpster has a different label on it so they can distinguish the difference."

Since you have learned for certain our school does recycle, here are some things to make sure to recycle:

Bubbl'r, Monster, and all aluminum pop cans

All papers that you have no use for anymore (after you use the back first!)

All cardboard boxes

If you don't know if it can be recycled, look for the on-package recycling symbol!

With the knowledge of our school district's recycling programs and what to recycle, now recycling and helping our Earth will be easy as pie!


Thank you so much and I hope you learn to recycle more often!

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