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Don't Be Lazy Get a Job This Summer

Summer is almost here, and what’s better than finding a job and earning some extra money? There are so many different job opportunities around our community and all throughout the Quad Cities. If you’re struggling to find a job here’s an abundance of choices.

Jobs in Eldridge

The Summer provides alternative opportunities to find a job you enjoy doing. Eldridge may be small but there are several places you could consider working. If you enjoy working with kids there are two daycare centers, Eldridge Preschool and Children’s Choice. Another job that involves being around kids is The PlayStation. If you don’t enjoy being around little kids you can always fast-forward ages and work with the elderly. Several high schoolers work at Grand Haven and enjoy the experience. Karly Schnorrenberg a caretaker at Grand Haven states, ”I like working at Grand Haven because the elderly are all so sweet and it’s a really easy job”. Apart from that, if your interests do not include taking care of and comforting people, restaurants are always an option. This way you don’t have to be in physical contact with people, it’s just communicating vocally. Working at a restaurant and being a waitress is a good way to know how the real world works and how to deal with different customers. Eldridge has several restaurants like Hardee’s, McDonald’s, Hungry Hobo, Subway, etc. Additionally, there are a variety of coffee shops like Sips, Cody Road, The Vault, and The Granary. Alternatively, there is Hy-Vee, Dollar General, and Mershman Hardware also in Town. If you apply and don’t get the job, at least you had a variety of different options to choose from.

Jobs Around The Quad Cities

The summer opens up more opportunities for all kinds of jobs. The most basic summer job would be nannying children, which always pays good money. Outside jobs include lifeguarding, gardening places, golf courses, outdoor restaurants, camp instructor, etc. The Quad Cities has so many fast food and sit-down restaurants to choose from and there always looking to hire! Some other options include retail stores like the stores in the mall, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Kohl’s. Or you could do a more home vibe like Bath and Body Works, Home Goods, Yankee Candle, and Hobby Lobby. Assuming most men won’t want to work with home stuff and would rather be a handyman, good there we have Menards, Theisen's, Lowe’s, and Home Depot near us.

It’s not hard to find a job around the Quad Cities, the hardest part of a job is the motivation, responsibility, and the fact that you actually have to do work. That’s why getting a job you genuinely enjoy would be reasonable. Although work can be exhausting at times, look forward to the money you’ll receive.

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