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Everything You Need to Know About “Harry’s House,” Harry Styles’ New Album

Harry Styles is by far one of the most popular musical artists right now. The former One Direction member has had an extremely successful career since splitting from the band and continues to become more and more accomplished. One of his most recent accomplishments is headlining the Coachella music festival for two weekends in a row this year. Most recently though, he has announced his third solo album, titled “Harry’s House,” set to be released on May 20.

“Harry’s House” will feature 13 new tracks, which includes “As It Was,” his newest single. It was easily the most streamed song in the United States on its release day, April 1. The song has an upbeat, pop sound to it. Harry Styles talked about the song in a radio interview with Audacy, “it’s about metamorphosis and embracing change, and former self and perspective shift, and all of that kind of stuff, and it just felt like the thing I wanted to say, and the thing I wanted to be doing, and the kind of music I wanted to make coming back.” He also stated there will be no collabs on the album, which isn’t much of a shock.

Styles has expressed in multiple settings that this is his proudest project yet, which gives fans high expectations. Especially after Coachella, the recent end of the Fine Line tour, and Fine Line winning a Grammy— the anticipation is incredibly high. If I do say so myself, the anticipation and expectations are high, but Harry Styles never fails to exceed all expectations and go above and beyond. All his fans, myself included, are eagerly awaiting May 20th!

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