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fair lineup and my uninformed opinions

I feel pretty confident in saying that the Mississippi Valley Fair is North Scott’s event of the summer. Everyone loves it. So if you’re somehow unaware of the concert lineup this summer, I am here to help. I am also here to remind you to get your fun card before June 15th for $80 instead of the $100 you will pay after the 15th. Now let’s get into the performers! Full disclosure, my review of these artists is based on me looking them up on Spotify and listening to their top song. If I have any previous knowledge of them that’s just extra.

Tuesday, Aug 2: Kid Rock

Definitely seems fun, like he would be a good performer. He has long hair and is wearing a weird hat for his big picture on Spotify, so he gets 5 stars from me. Songs are recognizable so you probably won’t be standing there in silence. Everyone should wear a cowboy hat this night to honor his funny hat.

Wednesday, Aug 3: Flo Rida & Nelly

This is the one I’m most excited for, and I think that’s a pretty popular opinion. Flo Rida’s most popular song is “Low,” the classic of all school dances, and he has plenty of other pop hits that you’ll be able to sing along to. Nelly’s most popular song is “Dilemma,” which is actually a semi-popular TikTok sound right now, so that’s also a win for singability. It’s going to be a really fun night.

Thursday, Aug 4: Jimmie Allen

Jimmie Allen is a recognizable name and we’re lucky in that his song, “Freedom was a Highway” is one of those songs that is played five times an hour on country radio. So just about everyone at North Scott should be able to sing along. I would also like to propose that we all wear cowboy boots that night, just for fun. Most nights are country, but this just seems like the night for them.

Friday, Aug 5: Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce has more of a classic country feel and her last, currently popular, album is all about her divorce, a la Adele and Kacey Musgraves. I guess COVID took its toll? I like her, and honestly as the only woman on this lineup I think I’m bound by law to recommend her. Also literally nothing tops a country breakup song written by a woman wronged. I think this is gonna be a great night.

Saturday, Aug 6: Brantley Gilbert

I couldn’t actually suffer through his top song “Rolex on a Redneck,” it was that bad. And I love bad pop country. His face too, if you look him up on Spotify, is irritating. His hair and beard look like they’re pulled from a joke about hipsters from seven years ago. I will probably go to the concert, but I suggest we bring tomatoes Saturday night.

Sunday, Aug 7: Toby Keith

When I heard about the fair lineup Toby Keith was the name that I recognized first. He’s kind of like the embodiment of post 9/11 patriotic country. That isn’t actually my thing, but it seems like the right vibe for the fair’s final night. His top song was “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” which I really liked; it was a nice chill vibe. I assume “Red Solo Cup” will also be played, and hey here’s your reminder that if you’re going to drink (you shouldn’t drink), make sure you have a ride and don’t let your friends ditch you. Be safe and don’t drink and drive. Toby Keith will be the perfect vibe to finish off the fair, in my humble opinion.

Thank you for reading about my under-informed opinions and don’t forget to buy your fun card!

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