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Five Things You Need to Know for Your Senior Year

1. You don't need to fill your schedule

I know you really want a full 96 credits before you graduate, but I promise you still get the diploma with the required 54. Working hard is important, but taking care of yourself right now is what keeps you going. I like having a study hall every semester, even if I don't get a lot of homework. It's a good break time to refresh in between classes.

2. Skipping is deadly

Missing class was truly my downfall last semester. It's so easy to skip class just this one time. This time becomes every time, and now I've gone twice in two weeks. I was able to get my sht together for the end of the year, but boy was that a lot of workThe easiest. way to avoid that is to go to class in the first place!

3. Appreciate the effort teachers give

I've never understood the purpose of being mean to teachers; I find that befriending them is more pleasant and makes school a lot easier. Lots of teachers put in the extra mile to make an activity more fun or your time in the class more enjoyable. These guys need to know it's working! I'm super tired and don't want to be here either, but teachers like this make everything suck a little less. It's so much easier to go to school when you actually like going to class.

4. Don't let your work pile up

I know, the classic "get your work done on time!" Unfortunately, it's good advice. But with that aforementioned study hall, you can easily get work done. If you're like me, online classes are not for you. However, sometimes you gotta take some. Doing ten minutes of Edgenuity in study hall is better than two hours of it in the last week.

5. You don't have to be perfect.

Take the sick day, turn it in a day late. You can't mess up to death. Just because I say to work hard and go to class and do all your work doesn't mean you have to be doing it everyday until you graduate. Sometimes you won't get your homework done. It's important to know that it's okay, but not to let it hold you back. You've got this.

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