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Get Inside My Head

We as a society have failed ourselves by not talking about mental health enough. Mental health, like mental disorders, illnesses, brain disorders, and neurological issues, are often discussed in privacy to avoid judgment and embarrassment. Like many who suffer from mental disorders, I avoid discussing what goes through my head during the tough days. I avoid confronting my thoughts and often wish I was “normal” while I’m reconciling through my compulsions. If you have no idea what I am referring to, I was diagnosed with OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I highly recommend reading "Coping with OCD" before continuing this article!

I follow several mental health advocates and advice accounts on Instagram. I often browse through advice, apply my own knowledge, and try to expand my skills when I’m confronting my OCD. After following a few accounts and starting viewing an abundance of self-help posts, I realized I need to follow said advice and talk about what goes through my mind. With lots of discussion and self-reflection, I decided to express my thoughts through writing.

So join me on this journey through my head!

*Please note, I decided to use humor and a little comedy to make this entertaining. I want people to laugh while still getting the fact I truly struggle with these daily thoughts.*


“Don’t step on the shadow on the sidewalk. While you’re avoiding that, please don’t step on the crack because you cannot handle the feeling on your foot. Also please avoid stepping on parallel lines. And perpendicular. Might as well avoid any discoloration on the sidewalks too.”

What happens if I do any of that?”

“You’ll break down in the middle of the street. Do you want to look pathetic?”


“Then do as I say!”

Feeling Right

“This doesn’t feel right…”

“Okay what’s wrong now?”

“This doesn’t feel right…This doesn’t feel right…This doesn’t feel right…”

I gathered that. What’s triggering us?”

“This doesn’t feel right…Fix it!”

Fix what?”

“Nothing, I’m fine! Let’s have a panic attack!”

Orphaned Cats

“Did you bring your car keys? Wallet? Phone? You need to look, otherwise we are going to be in big trouble.”

I’m literally driving the damn car, and listening to music, what are you talking about?”

“I’m just checking. But to be sure, you should look.”

“Okay fine, but I’m only doing this once, not three times. I need to pay attention to the road.”

“You need to check three times.”


“You could die.”

“This is ridiculous.”

“Just think about all of the people attending your funeral. It could have been prevented.”

“Oh my.”

“You’re leaving your cats alone. And then they’ll be depressed. And die from depression. You killed them.”

Hand Mutilation

“Your hands are sweaty.”

“Thanks for pointing it out.”

“You’re welcome. Hands are gross. You should chop them off.”

“What? Why are you even suggesting that?”

“To avoid touching things. Remember the feeling of touching things with wet hands?”

“You don’t need to tell me, I already know.”

“Well then fix it by chopping your hands off.”

“That’s not a viable solution.”


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11 mag 2022

tysm for bringing this up, we DO need to talk more about it and im happy to see this being talked about

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