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A woman saves train passengers by alerting the train conductor of a broken track. Over in India, Omvati Devi was on her way to work when she stumbled upon a broken train track; with a train inbound. Using her red sari, a traditional fabric used for women’s wear, Devi was able to flag the incoming train to stop. The driver, seeing the red warning, was able to safely stop the train in the nick of time. Devi saved roughly 200 passengers and was rewarded with 100 rupees, which she turned down. Read the full article here!

A Jupiter doppelganger was found while using a ‘dead’ telescope, also known as Kepler. Kepler, a space telescope launched in 2009, was retired in 2018 after discovering over 2,600 different planets. Despite its retirement, a team of astrophysicists pulled Kepler out of retirement to observe this far-out planet. Kepler was designed to be strictly a year-long mission to observe space from a distance but it has since proven to be extraordinary by lasting for over nine years and making different discoveries. Read more about this discovery here!

Scientists have taken technology to the next step by installing a robotic guard dog to protect Pompeii, a popular tourist site. Pompeii has been studied for centuries by scientists to help understand how ancient civilizations functioned. Given how oddly unique this city is, illegal tomb raiders have been known to steal relics. Well, scientists have now found a way to protect the city and help further research by using Spot, a robotic dog. Spot is a piece of technology designed to walk around the city using scanning technology to find more hidden discoveries. This dog is also designed to alert authorities of illegal activity. Read more about Spot here!

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