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"Goodbye" from The Lance

As The Lance comes to a close for our senior year, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your support throughout the last semester. On behalf of all The Lance writers, we appreciate you for reading our articles and enjoying our work.

Before we share everyone's individual goodbyes, I want to acknowledge those who took the time to fill out our forms this year. Thank you to everyone who spent a few minutes of your day to send in a response to our writers. Your opinions matter greatly to us and enrich our stories.

Without our readers, The Lance would not be where it is today, and our program might not even be an option for the school.

Thank you once again for being with us on this journey.

Isaac Copeland

“Thank you for taking the time to read our articles every week, this class was an enjoyable place to come and work every day which made it easy to put out good content and I encourage many of our readers to take this class next year if you have the chance.”

Thanks for keeping up with the Lance and encouraging our passion for writing! -- Patricia Curran

Dylan Decker

“Thank you all for reading The Lance and responding to the google forms to help us!”

Duncan DeMarr

“school done bye thanks for read”

Gretchen Hoft

“Hey guys - thanks for reading our articles on The Lance this year! We've worked extremely hard to get some quality stuff up for y'all and we really hope we can keep The Lance alive in years to come... so sign up for Contemporary Journalism for next year. It's a great class, we always have a lot of fun in it, and thanks again for all your support this year. :)”

Riley Johnson

“Thank you for reading The Lance this 24' spring semester! The Lance thrives off of the support from fellow students, so continuing to read our articles each week means more than you can imagine. Have an amazing summer!”

Brandt Kemmerer

“Goodbye from writer Brandt Kemmerer, it has been a joy writing for The Lance, I wish everyone the best in their journeys!”

Robert Palmer

“This community is so awesome, and it's truly been a joy to write for you all. Sincerely, thank you.”

Lucas Postell

“Thanks for reading and good luck in the coming years!”

Rowan Schaffert

“Bye everyone! Thanks so much for reading our articles-- they were so fun to write! I only hope some of my articles have helped to brighten your day!”

Isabella Van Roekel

“Dear Lance readers, thank you so much for being the biggest part of our journey as Lance writers. We appreciate you filling out our never ending google forms and supporting all of the writers here. The Lance really made my senior year special!”

Zoe Wilson

“To the audience members of The Lance, thank you for reading the articles that we put out every week. We really appreciate it.

Thank you all again for being with us through the year and supporting The Lance this year!

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