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Grammys Outfit Review

The Grammys get everyone excited--not for the awards--instead, the attention goes to the outfits celebrities pull up for the red carpet. There were many outstanding outfits that were absolutely beautiful but some were not my favorite. Here are my top three favorite outfits that were seen on the red carpet.

My Top Three Outfits

One of my favorite outfits was Cardi B. I loved this royal blue gown with the train in

the back. Plus the silk material looks so elegant yet stylish. The sculptural aspect brings attention to her physical features and her blinged-out earrings. This whole piece compliments her body and makes her stand out compared to others.

Another outfit I thought was beautiful was Taylor Swift’s. Just like Cardi B, Swift wore a stunning royal blue. I loved the design of her two-piece dress and the way her diamond earrings brought it all together. Not only was her outfit amazing but her make-up complimented the royal blue look. Additionally, she chose her outfit to reflect her recent “Midnight” album.

My final favorite was Jennifer Lopez. I loved the dropped rhinestones with her sleeves that were coordinated with her silver jewelry. Again like my other two favorites, she wore a gorgeous navy gown with voluminous ruffles. Everything in her outfit was put together pleasingly and was my overall favorite.

Those outfits were my top three favorites! On the other hand, there were so many other outfits that I wasn’t the biggest fan of, so here are my least favorite outfits.

My Three Least Favorite Outfits

Harry Styles' outfit was not one of my favorites. He is known for wearing an abundance of different colors; however, this one was too much. As many people said, his outfit reminded me of something a clown might wear. I’m also not a fan of the checkered print or the rainbow of colors.

This fit, worn by Kacey Musgraves, was definitely a hit or miss, and from most opinions on the internet, her outfit was a miss. I do love the blush pink color, but everything else looks like a disaster. The feathered cape reminds me of a flamingo and the all-pink makes it even more unpleasant. This outfit had potential, however, it failed and looked hideous.

Blac Chyna’s outfit had to be the worst one there. Everything about this outfit looks awful and more like a scary Halloween costume. She reminds me of a crow with all the feathers, makeup, and all-black attire. I also hate her headpiece that covers her whole head and her all-black eye makeup.

The Grammys this year had several fashionable outfits that I absolutely loved! Then there were some that were distasteful and could’ve used some extra thought. Leave a comment if there's one you loved. Or hated.

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