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Harrison Street Escape Room

I was at my sister's house one Sunday for my niece's birthday. In the conversations that we had while the kids play upstairs, we realized that we hadn't hung out together without the kids in a while. With that realization, we decided to go to an escape room.

That day we made reservations at Harrison Street Escape Room, and that Friday we met up to complete the escape room.

The Harrison Street Escape Room is located at 3025 N Harrison St. and contains three escape rooms, each of them taking about an hour. You are required to make a reservation for yourself and your group, although to make the reservation you need to pay for two guests at the time of reservation. The tickets cost about $28 dollars each, although children four and under get in for free.

(L-R) Shanna Deloe, Rachel Costello, Allison Grey, Kellie Costello, and Kate Groenbeck

The escape room my sisters and I went through was the reactor meltdown. Although I will address the main story, I won't go into too much detail as to not spoil it for those who may decide to check them out.

The premise of the escape room is that you have to find a power source in order to protect the Quad Cities from a Nuclear melt down!!

We had a lot of fun going through, the story was engaging, and there were plenty of Easter Eggs hidden throughout the room. I would highly recommend this escape room. You can check out their Facebook here! For anyone who may decide to check out this, good luck and happy hunting.

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