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Horticulture: Conifer Plants

Conifers, more commonly known as evergreens, are plants, shrubs, and trees that stay green all winter. These plants are also known to have needles as opposed to leaves, with a more scaly look.

Colorado Blue Spruce

The Colorado Blue Spruce is an evergreen native to the rocky mountains. They tend to grow from 55-90 feet tall. These trees overall have a pyramid shape, along with square, blue-green needles. The Colorado Blue Spruce is generally used for holiday trees because of their appealing smell.

These trees are resistant to cold weather because of their origin, however saplings can still die if planted during the winter. The best time to start growing is February to April (The Spruce).

Eastern White Pine

On the other side of the country, the Eastern White Pine grows along the east coast, from Newfoundland all the way to Northern Georgia. These trees can grow up to 80 feet tall with a width span of 40 feet (The Spruce).

The Eastern White Pine has blue-green needles that grow in groups of five. Because of its large size, it works wonderfully as a wind breaking and shading tree. Be warned, because this tree is susceptible to many kinds of pests.

Mugo Pine

The Mugo Pine is another evergreen tree that is loved for its landscape opportunities. These trees have dark green needles growing on dense branches. Most cultivars of this tree are of the dwarf variety.

The Mugo Pine is often used as a low hedge or foundation plantings. Spring is the best time to plant, though the fall weather is also favorable. Your best bet is to avoid the harsh weather seasons of summer and winter (The Spruce).

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is another classic holiday tree, though usually used for outdoor displays. This tree can reach 40-60 feet tall, though there are some known to grow to 100 feet.

This tree also prefers less harsh weather, with the best planting times being spring and early fall. The Norway Spruce has quite a fast growth rate, adding three feet of height each year. This tree can grow hundreds of years old (The Spruce).

White Fir

The White Fir has tons of cultivars that give you virtually any size and shape, perfect for landscaping your lawn. This tree is often used in large spaces such as parks and public gardens. The White Fir has two to three inch silver-green long needles.

This tree has easy maintenance and can look perfect in the smallest or largest lawns. The White Fir is native to the western mountains of North America, but it is commonly found in the Midwest because of its appeal (The Spruce).

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