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How Does Birth Order Affect An Individual?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Birth order affects personality?!?

It does! Many studies found that mental disorders and personality change depending on the birth order of children!

Here are Henry, Luis, and Poppy. Luis, the tallest boy, was born first. Henry is the second tallest boy who was born second. Finally, Poppy, the girl, was born last.

Their mom says that they all have personalities similar to her two siblings respectively in the same birth order as hers.

The children disagree and say that there aren't that many specific examples of them being an average first, second, or third-born child.

Their mother put them to bed and picked up her computer to prove something . . .

When they woke up, they were greeted by a text in the family group chat. The link they clicked took them to a Psych Central article, "Birth Order Theory: How Birth Order Affects Your Personality." Each one of them read the article and was surprised by what they read about their type!

Luis' Personality

As a firstborn, he follows the examples to a "T":

- controlling

- conscientious

- cautiou

- reliable

- achievers

- structured

​​Fun Fact: A firstborn is most likely to be neurotic, suicidal, and diagnosed with psychiatric disorders based on a 2019 study.

Henry's Personality

Also following the examples from the article above, Henry is a:

- peacemaker

- people pleaser

- social butterfly

​Fun Fact: Middle children had the lowest happiness scores when studied in 2021.

Poppy's Personality

Poppy also followed the examples by being:

- fun-loving

- attention-seeking

- outgoing

- self-centered

Fun Fact: The youngest children have the lowest rate of mental problems (attention problems, etc.), bad conduct, and emotional problems based on the same 2021 study above.

The children went about their day at school with some new knowledge about themselves and their siblings. Poppy spoke with her friend, Opal, about the article at lunch. When Opal heard about the article, her face dropped a little since she had no siblings. However, Poppy explained the article did have information about only children.

Opal's Personality

Opal smiled when she heard that she also fit the average only child:

- perfectionists

- diligent

- leaders

- conscientious

This might be a lot of information that sounds pretty accurate, however, studies don't prove that belief. A study in 2019 found that there was no association between birth order and mental illnesses or health issues. Many studies leading up to that also found similar results.

Do you believe there are connections between birth order and mental personality and issues?

  • Yes!

  • No!

Were you similar to your represented birth order?

  • Yes!

  • Not at all!

  • Kind of,


Thank you for reading!

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