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Inclusion Photo Essay

In the 2-D Art classes here at North Scott, we have been trying to portray inclusion through posters and creative journaling. We want to emphasize that others should improve on including those with disadvantages on the basis of their identity. We are all creating posters with our own creative techniques and styles, to be shown around the school to let those with disabilities know that they are just as welcome as everyone else.

Everyone should be included regardless of their ability, ethnicity, religion, or gender identity. We believe that people with intellectual disabilities have a fundamental human right to be included in all spheres of life, and we won’t stop fighting until we create a world that stops putting them on the sidelines, and instead embraces their differences. That’s why the Special Olympics launched the global The Revolution is Inclusion campaign in 2018: to end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities, which is what will be shown on many posters around the school. This way everyone feels seen, respected, and welcomed.

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