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Ins and Outs for 2024

At the beginning of each new year, people scramble to make resolutions. There are record amounts of gym memberships, commitments to the 75 Hard, and everyone’s saving their money. Personally, I start each year trying to limit my time spent on social media, starting by deleting TikTok.

Despite society’s best efforts, by March most resolutions have been thrown to the wayside.

I’m ashamed to admit that only 26 days into the new year, TikTok has found its way back onto my phone. Because of the low success rates resolutions typically have, there has been a rising trend of choosing ins and outs for the new year. This simply means choosing things you would like to incorporate into your life and other life aspects you would like to retire. This is a more achievable way to start your year off on the right foot. So, today I’ll be sharing some of my ins and outs with you!


Time Outside: One of the main things I am going to incorporate in my 2024 is spreading time in nature. This could have a more active spin with activities like hiking, skiing, and outdoor sports. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to exert yourself. You could simply choose to do a basic task, like homework, outside instead of in. Now that the excessive cold is behind us, this should be a lot easier. Generally, spending time outside helps to clear the mind and lower stress levels! It’s a simple task that makes a big difference in your mood. 

Bows: If any of you are on social media, I’m sure you have seen the rising trend of bows. They are most commonly used as hair accessories, but they can also be seen as an accent on clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, room decor, and much more. I love this trend because it is an easy way to elevate an otherwise simple look and gives the perfect touch of femininity. 

Journaling: We all have a lot going on in our lives, especially as teenagers. This leads to big emotions that we do not always know how to process. Journaling is a great way to think through those emotions. It can be hard to get into the habit but having a set time each week can be a great way to start. Whether you stay consistent or not, any journaling you do will help you better regulate your emotions which is a valuable life skill to form before entering adulthood.

Genuine Relationships: One of the most important aspects of life is the connections you form with others. It can be easy to find yourself surrounded by negative people. Many prefer to spend time with people that don’t support you than to be alone or find new friends. However, over time it’s very draining to consistently spend time with people that don’t value you. In 2024 choose to find those that make you feel supported and valued. 


Excessive Scrolling: It’s very easy to fill your free time with mindless scrolling on TikTok, Instagram, or any other social media. While sometimes it’s fun, the content you’re consuming typically doesn’t enhance your life in any way; the only reason you keep scrolling is social media’s addictive setup. Though it is hard to stop, it will allow you to spend your free time on things you truly enjoy. 

Always Saying Yes: There are so many amazing opportunities in life that you would be crazy for not taking advantage of. However, that doesn’t mean you can do everything. So, when someone asks you to commit to something, take a second to think before you say yes. It can be incredibly exhausting to stretch your time to fit commitments that you don’t enjoy. Instead, carefully choose what you value so you can enjoy what you’re saying yes to. 

Not Prioritizing Sleep: I will be the first to admit that I’m a night owl, so imagine my surprise when I discovered getting a reasonable amount of sleep was helpful. I’m able to function on three hours of sleep but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t aim for more. When well rested I simply feel happier overall. Our sleep schedules will never be perfect since we’re high school students, but consider choosing sleep over your phone every once in awhile. 

Negative Self-Talk: Everyone has insecurities, but that doesn’t mean we should focus on them. It’s much more beneficial to put energy into the aspects of yourself you like. If you constantly focus on the negatives it starts to seem like that’s all you are. This leads to negative emotions and actions. If you do the opposite and focus on the good, then your emotions and actions will in turn reflect that.

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