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Invincible Season 2 Review


Amazon Prime Video's Invincible was released to streaming March 25th, 2021. Adapting and following the comic of the same name it was a critical and commercial success bringing the series of mainstream audiences and was a refreshing take on the superhero genre especially at the time it was released.

After season 1 many anticipated the release of season 2. After over 2 years, November 3rd 2023, we got the start of season 2. With such a long wait without much in terms of new content as well as a 3 month break between the second season there were a lot of expectations for the new season. So, does the season hold up to the last? What was amazing? What could be better? Let's go episode by episode to find out.

Spoilers for both Invincible Season 1 and 2

Episode 1: A Lesson for Your Next Life

This was a reintroduction to the world and it shows the consequences of the aftermath of Invincible and Omni-man's fight. at the same time this sets up a new antagonist Angstrom Levy. In the end it's a good introduction but in retrospect I expected Levy to be more recurring and have more of a presence throughout the season which this episode kind of set up. all in all, this starts the story after Omni-man well and is a great start to the season.

Episode 2: In About Six Hours I Lose My Virginity To A Fish

This one follows Mark as he works for Cecil Steadman as he is sent to fix relations with Atlantis after Omni-man's betrayal. On top of this Mark graduates high school. This was not very memorable to me, while it had some good moments and it sets up Shapesmith and the sequids but in the end there aren't very many stand out moments.

Episode 3: This Missive, This Machination!

This one follows Mark as he goes into college, His mom dealing with her own trauma, and most entertaining of all follows Allen the alien and his place in the coalition of planets. This one was probably one of the highlights of the season with a lot of character exploration outside of Invincible himself which is much needed.

Episode 4: It's Been a While

This was the midpoint of the season and the final episode before the break. We see Omni-man had settled onto a planet filled with bug-like people whom he created a family there with. It deals with Mark coming to terms with what happened but they are interrupted by other Viltrumites attacking and in the end Mark and Nolan are beat and Mark is assigned to prep Earth for conquer setting up for the future. This was a great episode with a lot of surprise and stakes. one of my favorite moments is how its shown Invincible is usually holding back and is much more powerful than what the show has shown up to this point.

Episode 5: This Must Come As A Shock

Mark returns to Earth with his new little brother, all while the guardians of the globe have to face the sequid threat. meanwhile the other few members deal with the lizard league and in the end the episode ends on a cliffhanger with them all being in grave danger. This was a great return and almost immediately brought the stakes while still giving time to the aftermath of episode 4.

Episode 6: It's Not That Simple

Facing the aftermath of both threats many of the league members face heavy casualty. while Mark is figuring out his place with his girlfriend and college with his superhero work. continuing after episode 5 its still pretty good with it just continuing the plot points of the last episode. otherwise its good.

Episode 7: I'm Not Going Anywhere

Just as Mark is starting to figure stuff out he faces a viltrumite named Vanessa. during their fight he stands his ground and in the end she goes back home. This was really entertaining and was truly the catalyst of the breakup with Amber and Mark. Being the second to last episode its building up a lot of hype for the final episode.

Episode 8: I Thought You Were Stronger

With this being the final episode of the season there was a lot of hype and expectation waiting to be delivered. With angstrom Levy's return Mark has to desperately fight through dimensions to save his mom and brother. One of the major things everyone was wondering about is the adaptation of the Spider-man and Invincible cross over, and they did a good work around. while this was a really fun episode it didn't feel as conclusive as I personally hoped. it followed the comic's story very closely which in the end made it so it had a lot of set up but not enough conclusive execution thus far. a lot of plot points still need conclusions.

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