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Is Shein Shutting Down This Year?

There have been rumors spreading around social media that Shein will be closing down this 2024. Tik Toks saying, “Buy this before Shein closes down” or “Can’t believe Shein is closing down” and all of us are wondering…Is this really true?

Shein has become a staple shopping website since around 2020 when quarantined shoppers enhanced the popularity of this website. It has been around since 2015 but started to focus on fast fashion recently. For those who answered my poll, 34.2% of students order from Shein.

Shein has been a controversial subject since it became popular. Buyers wonder how everything is so cheap and if child labor is a factor into the production of these clothes. I am a buyer from Shein and recently have been wondering if this is really true? Shein varies from everything: clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, organization, room decor, home goods, and anything you can imagine, all at a reasonably affordable price. Though items from Shein may not be the best quality, most can get the job done.

Though the real question is…does Shein partake in child labor?

After doing some research, Shein claims that they have zero tolerance for forced labor but CNN has a difficult time believing them.

Shein is the fourth-most downloaded app in the US

With such a popular app like this one, a scandal on child labor would break the internet. CNN looks into this subject along with the now popular app Temu. Though it is not able to be confirmed, US congressional commission called out Shein and Temu for potential link to “the use of forced labor, exploitation of trade loopholes, product safety hazards or intellectual property theft.” The extreme bargain prices are nice to buyers, but have journalists wondering if there is something behind all of this.

I sent out a poll to the school to see what my peers thought of this issue. Here are some of the responses I got:

never have never will but my daughter does even though her very educated mother tells her not too and fully explains the "WHY". ;) 

(try to guess who wrote this one…)

I have ordered from Shein but i've decided not to order anymore because it goes against my values and the products are bad quality.

they are all crap i spent 300 dollars and only really use like 2 things that i cant think of off the top of my head, also was missing things bought and prices change while in cart without warnings

Some believe that this could be the reason for the Shein shutting down rumor. This rumor has been circling around social media for years but has become popular recently. Even the Shein company account on Tik Tok responded to this rumor. In the short video, two employees can be seen laughing as the term "Shein is closing in 2024" flashes across the screen. This video was captioned as “Business as Usual.” This joke confirmed that shein is not closing down. Shein claims that the clothing company closing is a hoax and the brand isn’t going anywhere.

For those who wrote responses like…

everything ive ever got 10/10 i dont care if children are making them kudos to them on making my clothes right!

I love 90% or more of the products I have gotten off of shein. A lot of other stores also use child labor that is not known.

Shein be poppin off with some of their clothes can’t lie. I got some cute tanks & phone cases, makeup bags, etc period

I have bought too much its almost embarrassing guys are safe.

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