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Is SZA Ever Releasing Her New Album?

For all of the SZA lovers out there, I am sure we are all wondering the same thing . . . when is this album coming out? The wait has been brutal as there have been many false assumptions that fan accounts have been creating. With her new song that has just recently been released, all of us are wondering what is going on with SZA’s music production.

SOS was an extremely successful album and SZA has been talking about a deluxe edition ever since it dropped . . . in December of 2022.
SZA's Most Recent Album SOS

This new album titled, Lana, started off as a deluxe edition of her multi-Grammy nominated album, SOS, is now said to be a separate release. SOS was an extremely successful album and SZA has been talking about a deluxe edition ever since it dropped . . . in December of 2022. Journalists from Variety mentioned “Lana has seemed different every time she’s spoken about it.” The release date, track list, and how many songs are going to be on this new album; I don’t think SZA even knows herself. Back in August, SZA mentioned that this was going to be a whole new project, titled after her nickname. A month later, September 8th, she performed a free concert in Brooklyn, New York, announcing the album - “The deluxe is a whole ’nother album. It’s called Lana. It’s seven to 10 songs and it’ll be out this fall.” She performed three unreleased songs: "Boy From South Detroit," "Saturn" (just released a few days ago), and "DTM."

New Album Cover for LANA

Cutting it close to fall, when SZA said she would release this album, journalists are

wondering where said album is. In November, she was interviewed by a journalist from Variety where she stated: “I never get these things done until like the day before the deadline,” she laughed. “It became more than I thought.” With this, SZA fans have been waiting patiently for the album to drop. On December 10th, SZA began posting sample album covers--all with the caption LANA. She posted six pictures all in a span of 15 minutes, leaving SZA listeners confused as to if this was the day she was releasing her album or she was just hinting towards the album. No other explanation was given about these photos besides the fact that one of them was going to be the new album cover.

It is now February 28th and no other advancements have been heard about the album. But, we are a step closer. On February 22nd, SZA dropped her popular single that was heard first from TikTok, "Saturn." SZA actually never really mentioned she was going to release this single until she posted on Instagram four days later and captioned it, “U asked I dropped, mixes are updated. SATURN pack out now LOVE YALL!!” If you have not given this song a listen, I highly recommend it.

Overall, no one really knows when SZA will ever release her album but she has been sending out hints so be sure to look out for those if you are patiently awaiting her album like I am. Mr. Chapman told me to personally reach out to her to get a real response for myself, but I am still waiting for her to text back :(

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