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It's Officially drive-in season!

A little while ago I wrote you guys a to-do list for April. Well, I owe you all an apology because I missed arguably the most important thing. This weekend the Maquoketa drive-in is reopening for the season! This will be their 72nd year. Isn’t that crazy? It happening this weekend works out pretty well actually because Saturday is supposed to be really nice, the high is supposed to be 81. And the UV index is supposed to be 6, which isn’t nothing. So if you want to pretend that it’s summer already, boy are you in luck!

Go tanning, go to the drive-in, and have fun.

This weekend they’re playing “The Bad Guys” and “Lost City.” “The Bad Guys” is an animated movie about morally gray animals? I think? Honestly, I’m not super excited about that one. “Lost City” is sort of a parody of all those 80s adventure/romance movies. If you’ve seen “Romancing the Stone,” think that but even more ridiculous.

If you want to go, the box office opens at 6pm, but the movie doesn’t start until 8pm. However, since it’s the opening weekend, you might want to get there early if you want a good spot. Especially if you have a smaller car. As long as you’re under 20, which I assume all of you are, tickets are $7. While you’re there, they also offer concessions, swings, whiffle ball, and so much more. Check it out this weekend!

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