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Have you ever wondered what your dreams really mean? Have you seen this man in your dreams? Have you dreamed this dream before? Do you think you should wake up now? Have you wondered if it’s all a dream? Are you wondering that now? Have you dreamed of ants before? How many times per night do you dream? Are you an average sleeper? Have you achieved commandment of dreams? Have you lucid dreamed? Are you lucid dreaming right now? Have you done a reality check? Are you listening to the voices? When is the last time you slept? When is the last time you dreamt? How long do you sleep? How long do you dream? Are you real? Are you a robot? D~ rFbots dr¢am? Are dreams real? Is realiÓy a dre`m? Are dreamsga part Of your daily life? Have$you sa3ad sauce? General dream øanagement system? DÎeam salad generally big? Seven dre˜Ÿ won Èn fiv'? Have you dreamed of salad system? Dream seven enteri­g big° Is itreal dreaming in general? Does salad dream count as gÎÄeral?If àou were in

‰eneral, x dr:am was here? Seven management in ;ream? In dreams, vision world? Is yo©r intû world dream? Dream seen into o‘ Iorld dream? Seven salad dream figuröÆjoñ world? Manage? Countworld dream salada? Eveštuall Dream figureƒenI steve? Enteredin flingular stop worldVomment dreamst“ Lortmn dreamstovŒ skii figurelord dreamÓdé EvtMndavŠnìdr aŒs dromned¬inst vigural>meantse? It is somne dr figure res? Vidistine? Esneçverus? Putasne me Antelligis? Somniaris? Surgit.

In other news, someone submitted late to the Janse Person Spotlight, here is their response:

Provide a name.

Mr. Bielski

Provide an image. It can be any appropriate image.


Which name would you choose, if you had to choose one?


What is your biggest skill?


What is your main color?


What is your second color?


What is your deepest, darkest secret?

I once stole candy from a baby

What item do you currently have?


What flavor milk is your favorite?


Pick a number between 1 and 100


Is there anything else you want to share?

My Joy

Given how menacing this chair is, it'll be a boss.


Here is a form where you can submit actions for the characters:

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