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Library? More Like Wild West!

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What the Library was like

By now, you all have heard about the new library lockdown. If you're anything like me, you heard about a fight, and now we have to sign in and out. People used to eat lunch in the library all the time, but now it is strictly studying.

“It was kind of the Wild West in there.” --Mr Chapman
Woman leaning against books
Mrs. Peters (Friendly neighborhood librarian)

Personally, I didn’t always enjoy watching the kids cuddling in there--or worse--but what’s the issue with a little Wild West?

Trust me, I am fully on the administration and librarian’s side with this. Fights aren’t good and the library is for studying. On the other hand, if kids are signing in and out for the purpose of eating lunch, it seems like it would be less of an issue.

To clear up my questions, I decided to talk to Mrs. Peters, our very own high school librarian. Mrs. Peters gave me the run-down on the history of the library, and how maintaining the study atmosphere became more of an issue this year than in years past.

“It kind of snowballed into something that we couldn’t handle.” --Mrs. Peters

If any of you guys have been in the library during a lunch period, you know that this rings true. The library was becoming less of a quiet area and more of an extension of the cafeteria. People were talking loudly, even yelling. There were large groups of people there, and it was difficult for the people who just wanted to study.

The next time that you think to complain about the new policies in place, think of what you are gaining from it. You no longer have to watch people make out in the library; if you want to study there, it is now possible! Yes, we now have to sign in and out, but it only takes a few seconds to do. They also still allow snacks, so not all is lost.

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