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Lit Poems🔥✨

This year in Lit Class, the college-level class taught by Ms. Sambdman, she assigned a poem in which the student was to include lyrics or titles from an artist they liked. See if you can figure out the inspiration for each poem!

Leon Bridges

My Mrs. and her Mississippi Kisses -- Bella Warm

Beyond the Texas Sun

She Shine’s

My Brown Skin Girl.

Sweeter than a Summer Rain.

Her voice takes me Smooth Sailin’

I am Coming Home.

I know her like the River

Runnin’ beneath the Bridges.

Holdin’ her Here in My Arms

We’ll be Twistin’ & Groovin’

Beyond the horizon til Midnight.

My Mrs. and her Mississippi Kisses.

Me Inside My Mind -- Adrianna Blackwell

my midnights are spent lying awake, not quite alone

but with the battles inside my mind

when my friends ask and when my family suspects

i’m fine, but the truth is i’m tied together with a smile

i’m fine

i’m fine

i’m fine

words i repeat to myself, waiting and hoping for better days

this is me trying to thrive

in a world full of hurt and hate

soon all of the cold will be gone and

the darkness will be shorter

i wish sunshine would reveal its self to the world

because when the weather is happy

i will find happiness too

the hope in my heart reminds me that i won’t feel this way for evermore


Next Up Forever -- Ava Hagedorn


the 3’ O'clock things

Are the ones that shape me the most.

The Trick of it all

Is that sometimes those 3’ O Clock Things

Are the ones that Burn The House Down.


I need that wake-up call.

When all the information in my hand is screaming

at me that The Entertainments Here!

You don’t have to think,

Always looking for the next Netflix Trip

Just watch!


I think that the Ordinaryish People

Like me

Could help, even from here.

I tell myself

Adventure is out there

But then

I’m Next Up Forever

Always just Turning out


Never getting to The Good Part

Brad Paisley

Nothing Else Mattered -- Anonymous

Shattered Glass

Picture frames on the floors

Screams and slams

Tightly locked doors.

But away from all that

The little moments

We spent together

Stolen and hidden in the night

We danced

In the glow of your car’s headlights

That time

Beautiful and delicate

as flowers

But nothing else mattered.


and only


Nothing else mattered.

Taylor Swift

No Happiness for the Mad Woman - Anonymous

There was happiness when we lived on Cornelia Street,

When we felt like we would Never Grow Up

New Romantics living in the Lavender Haze

We would live in Exile alone, Dancing With Our Hands Tied

In the Midnight Rain

I know it All Too Well, though

I get called a Mad Woman because I wouldn’t do as I was told

Don’t Blame Me because Everything Has Changed

Tell Me Why I can’t find peace

After You Left Me with no closure

I will never waste my time on another person

As Cold As You

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