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"London Bridge" Has Fallen Down: What Will Happen After Queen Elizabeth Dies?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

This is a student submitted article written by Marlayna Cockshoot.

“London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London bridge has fallen down, my poor country.”

Via Devianart

September 8th, 2022 marks the death of 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. Her legacy as the longest-serving British Monarch has sadly now ended with her recent death last week. It has been said that her death occurred peacefully with her family near. Many are mourning their lost Queen or role model, but some are wondering what is happening next.

Table of Contents:

  • “Operation London Bridge”

  • What Queen Elizabeth accomplished in her lifetime

  • Who will take over the Monarch

“Operation London Bridge”:

The loss of a leader isn’t any laughing matter when you are still a country based on a monarchy. London has had a plan for when the long-lasting Queen, unfortunately, passes for decades. This plan includes “D-Day” and 10 days past it.


“D-Day,” or the day of her death, is an important day for spreading the information. What they call a “call cascade” will and has occurred. This includes calling the “prime minister, the cabinet secretary (Britain’s highest-ranking civil servant) and a number of the most senior ministers and officials” (Whickman). The royal family will then use an “official notification” to inform the world.


The next morning at 10 A.M., Prince Charles will be proclaimed King, changing his title. All parliamentary business from now on is suspended till the funeral and meetings are held with ministers (without spouses).


The coffin holding the Queen will then be transported to Buckingham Palace and proclamations are then read.


Now King, King Charles will receive the motion of condolence in the morning hours from Westminster Hall. He then tours the parliamentary and cathedrals of England preparing for his Kingship.


Another motion of condolence will be received by King Charles on an Ireland trip at Hillsborough Castle. After attending a meeting in Saint Anne’s Cathedral, a funeral rehearsal will take place.


“The procession from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster will take place along a ceremonial route through London. There will be a service in Westminster Hall following the coffin’s arrival” (Whitman).

“D-Day”+6 - “D-Day”+9

The Queen will lie in the middle of Winchester Hall on top of a raised box known as a catafalque for three days. “Operation FEATHER'' comprises the coffin being open 23 hours a day for VIP ticket holders. A rehearsal will happen and on day 7, the Welsh parliament will give King Charles another motion of condolence and he will attend another service there. The funeral will be planned and will take long hours of manpower. Days following will entail a statement saying that there will be a “Day of National Mourning'' and that if it is on a weekday, it becomes a weekend-type day.


In Westminster Abbey, the funeral will be held and a 2-minute silence will happen during the day.

What Queen Elizabeth Accomplished in her Life-Time:

Queen Elizabeth wasn’t just an “old lady who was a queen”, she was a hero and role model to many English adolescents. Many of the things she accomplished in her lifetime included:

  • Her service in WWII as a 19-year-old auto mechanic (even when she was told it would endanger her but she still pushed through)

  • Her confidence and the nation’s stability

  • The transformation of her nation into a commonwealth

  • Her modernization of the monarchy paved the way for future monarchs

  • Her fights toward gender equality and equality as a whole

  • Her speeches were made to bring the monarch and U.S. Congress together

  • Her mournful and thoughtful visits to Ireland after fights and deaths occurred

  • Her charity work beats any other monarch's work

  • The longest British reign

  • And many other things as well!

Who Will Take Over the Monarch:

The person who will take over the monarch is…

Prince (King) Charles III:

Queen Elizabeth’s Eldest Son


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