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Marissa Meyer-Proving That It Can Be Done

This week on the Lance, we are doing a woman’s edition! I love to read which is why I picked Marissa Meyer to write about, as she has written both my favorite series and my favorite standalone novel. She started off similar to other authors, getting a bachelor's in Creative Writing and Children's Literature. She has said in several articles that her work has been heavily inspired by fairy tales, as it was what she grew up on. She also started out very young, which should inspire all aspiring writers at our school! She started writing her first novel when she was 16.

The book series that really rocketed her to the public eye was Cinder which is a futuristic and sci-fi take on Cinderella. After writing three more books for the series, she had a certifiable fan following! After this, Meyers wrote the standalone novel Heartless which is the one that I previously mentioned as my favorite! This novel is divisive at times, as some call it “beautifully tragic” and others lean more toward “tragic.” Regardless of this, she still made the NY Times bestselling list for it!

Shortly after, she announced that she would be venturing out into unknown territory and writing a novel about superheroes! Now, I’m a total sucker for Marvel and all of that, but I had never seen a book written about superheroes that actually pulled it off before. Renegades totally changed that for me! It was one of those situations where I read the first and second books and had to wait very impatiently for the third. Now, imagine me on the couch at three AM—bawling my eyes out because I had just finished said book. Now that doesn’t happen very often, so coming from me? It’s a really good book series. The rest of the world would agree as well! When the first book was released in November of 2017 and it subsequently became the number two bestseller that very same month!

Marissa Meyer is a woman who has found success and a career as an author, and I admire her for that! I know that so often people who want to become authors end up choosing more of a “safe” career and not following their dream. She proves that it is possible to achieve success and readership as long as you are truly committed to making the best content you can!

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