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McDonald’s Strawberry Shortcake: Pretty Mid

With spring approaching, McDonald’s decided to give their customers a little additional treat, the strawberry shortcake McFlurry. The drink is 550 calories for a regular-size McFlurry. The McDonald’s website states, “The new McDonald’s Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry features our creamy vanilla soft serve with strawberry flavored clusters and crispy, buttery shortbread cookies.”

The flavor sounds terrific, and McDonald's has never failed on their flurries, but there are mixed feelings about this treat.

Some Twitter comments about the Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry include:

Me gobbling down McFlurry

The time has come. I got the McDonald's strawberry shortcake. Starting off with the first look, it looks like a vanilla McFlurry with just a hint of the strawberries poking through. Similar looks-wise to a regular McFlurry so I decided to dig in and eat it. The first bite was straight ice cream, there wasn't anything to it, was not impressed. As I kept eating, there would be little bites with some strawberry; it was pretty tasty, but, also something textured like a pop rock. It wasn't too appetizing because it felt crunchy and prickly (like eating pop rocks without the popping). I loved the bites where I would get some dried strawberries, but it seemed like they needed more ingredients because I was just eating vanilla ice cream!

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