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My Appreciation for North Scott

As my short time as a North Scott Lancer comes to an end, I am doing some reflecting. The last year and a half has gone by so fast. I still barely know my peers and I still barely know any of the staff here. I was even parked illegally a couple of weeks ago and when administration checked the cameras they didn’t even recognize me or my car. As much as I love it here, it still doesn’t feel like home BUT there are a few things I love about North Scott.

The first thing I loved when I came here is how supportive everyone was of all activities. At my old school, the only events ever attended were football games, volleyball games, and basketball games. Other than that we didn’t support any other athletic programs and we never even considered attending plays. It was really cool to see that students here take pride in being a Lancer and support their peers.

The next thing I loved when I came here was inclusivity. I felt like everyone paid attention to everyone and as a whole, they make sure people know about all of the events going on. There was always a diverse crowd of people at sporting events and it was awesome to see that everyone got along despite their differences. At my old high school there was never a school-sponsored event where someone didn’t either get in a fight or get in trouble; the North Scott campus is much more drama-free.

The two people that really made a large impact on me in my time here are Coach Stew and Mrs. Simmons. Coach Stew really supported me a lot right when I transferred. He took time to get to know me and even recognized my love for lifting and supported my growth in that. He also took time to build a relationship with me which made the transition from River Queen to Lady Lancer so much easier. Mrs. Simmons on the other hand, she was my seminar teacher for my first semester here so I didn’t get to know her well until this school year. This year I decided to take college biology, if you know, you know. With all the trials and tribulations that came with that class, Mrs. Simmons was really supportive and asked us for guidance as she recognized she was learning too. As we got further into the semester, I began to respect and adore her even more as I began to realize how great of a teacher, and human, she really is. Thank you both for making the short time I spent at North Scott all the more tolerable:)

As my high school career comes to an end it was important for me to take time to slow down and appreciate all of the little things that I enjoyed while being here. I love North Scott and I’m so happy that this is the school I chose when I chose to leave home. All of the friends I have made here will be my friends forever and I am so thankful to have them in my world. As we continue our lives it is so important to remember where we came from. Once a Lancer, always a Lancer. Goodbye, North Scott, you will be missed.

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