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My Case For Senior Parking Spots

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Have you guys ever seen those Tik Toks of high school seniors painting their designated senior parking spot? They’ll do something from their favorite tv show, an activity they're involved in, or just whatever they think is pretty. Don’t you want that? Wouldn’t that be fun? We’ve suffered here for four years, we deserve it. For the non-seniors, it’ll give you something to look forward to. At many schools students have to pay a fee in addition to a parking pass in order to reserve and paint the parking space. So it would also be a way for the school to raise money! This is literally a win-win situation. Take my money!

Usually seniors are given preferential parking, but at North Scott we are actually worse off. Only seniors can leave school when they have a free block bookended by classes, so when they come back, all of the parking lots are completely full. (Because being able to leave school is totally a handicap, right? right). Even the dirt lot fills up, and if you go to the end looking for a spot, it’s a whole complicated procedure to get turned around. If you spend too long looking for a spot before settling for a long walk in the cold, you’re late! That is a lose-lose situation. If we had senior spots, teachers would have the pleasure of teaching students who would be both more timely and in a better mood. Also less cold.

Please consider my formal request for a reserved parking space. Thanks.

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