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My Thoughts on Contemporary Journalism (The Lance)

Enrolling in Contemporary Journalism proved to be the convenient choice for navigating my final semester of high school. Initially considering the standard English 4 course, I found myself in need of more flexibility with my schedule. Upon receiving an email from my counselor outlining alternative English options, I gravitated towards what seemed like the path of least resistance -- and I wasn't mistaken. This class turned out to be one of the most flexible English courses I've encountered, offering the freedom to explore almost any topic imaginable. However, amidst the ease of the class, I encountered some of the typical struggles inherent to any writing endeavor.

This week, I found myself grappling with writer's block. While I began the semester with a plethora of ideas, I've noticed my enthusiasm waning or topics becoming outdated as time progressed. My previous article on Eldridge's coffee scene was a stroke of luck; starting the week with no clear direction, I stumbled upon inspiration while pondering the morning coffee rush. I wish such moments of clarity were a weekly occurrence, but as evidenced by my current predicament, they're not guaranteed.

In light of looming deadlines, I've chosen to reflect on my experiences in this class for this week's article.

Speaking of deadlines, every Friday heralds the release of a new edition of The Lance, leaving us with scant time to craft our articles throughout the week. Some weeks afford us a generous three days to brainstorm, draft, and edit our pieces, while others, like this one, leave us with a mere two days to accomplish the same feat. While the freedom to write about anything may seem liberating, there are moments when inspiration must be summoned swiftly to meet the deadline.

Despite its simplicity, submitting a weekly article, hopefully for a good grade, this class does entail occasional supplementary assignments, such as reviewing another high school's website. Overall, I would recommend this class, even if my sentiments may veer towards the controversial at times.

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