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New Music with Drew: IAMX

Today I'm going to be talking about a Musical artist who goes by the name of IAMX. This album was released in April 28 of 2006. When I was first introduced to his music during my freshman year here at North Scott, I didn't even to be introduced to his music. It just happened and I'm glad it did because he has a very classical feeling about his music and he adds a electronic flow beat behind the piano and sometimes violin. The song that made me fall in love with this album and this artist was his song titled "Spit it out." The way the songs starts out is a drum beat with some sort of keyboard with a changed pitch of the keys to give it more of a dancing song.

The first lyrics we heard in this song are

"And if you're hurting

I will replace the noise

With silence instead

Flushing out your head"

This lyric really hit home with me because sometimes we just wanna sit in silence and not be bothered about our problems but he's saying he will always be there to fill the silence. This song and his music has left a huge impact on my music taste and the type of art you can make on video and with fashion.

IAMX has a very unique mind when it comes to his clothing choices and photoshoots for his Spotify or YouTube. IAMX has really inspired a lot of underground artists trying to find a sound and make one work and he was one of these artists that is a master of putting classical music with a funky groovy beat in the background. He doesn't just use the piano in his songs, he uses a lot of different instruments like the violin, guitar, drums, keyboard, and his voice. His music always gives me the vibe I'm sad but, I wanna dance because why not.

So I hope you guys enjoy his song Spit it out or if you don't like that song there are other amazing songs he has created like Animal Impulses, Insomnia, and I come with Knives. Opening up your music taste to more things than just one genre will help you so much like mental illness because music speaks for us when we don't want to, and finally it helps you get aux all the time if you have a huge music taste, just remember to make playlists for those genres.

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