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New music with Drew

Andrew Belle

In 2010, Andrew Belle was an underground artist from Chicago. His album, The Ladder, is a fantastic album for his first release. His music is about finding love and how love can affect people in different ways. The song on this album that caught my attention is "Tower."

This silence is deafening

This ocean is without an end And there's something I know Something I know, we were meant to be Please listen to me, are you listening? Cause this could be gone when we wake up, tomorrow

Every time I listen to this song or any of his songs it feels like I'm having a conversation with Andrew without speaking. Andrew has other albums like Black Bear, Dive Deep, and Nightshade. The song that got me into Andrew Belle was his cover of "Fade into you" by Mazzy Star. Mazzy’s version is slower than Andrew’s because Andrew throws a little bit of pop elements in his version while making it slow like the original. Andrew uses his voice to show the emotion he is trying to portray with his lyrics instead of the lyrics touching you, it’s his voice and the lyrics. Andrew has two million monthly listeners on Spotify but when I talk about him and his music, no one knows who I'm talking about.

When I talk about his song “Fade into You,” they usually bring up Mazzy Star and her version. Andrew Belle is one amazing artist whose songs can get you through pretty much anything like work, school, cleaning, mental health issues, and much more. Andrew´s music speaks to the soul and everyone that I've shown his music to says the same thing. His music speaks to them, and it's like having a conversation with the man himself. Andrews music genre is considered Folk music. Folk music is a traditional style of music that uses acoustic instead of electrical sound. I hope after reading this article you want to listen to Andrew’s music. His music does something to people whenever I play him in the car. I want people to appreciate music that doesn't just come from the radio or from TikTok but music that speaks to the soul and makes others feel good.

Here is my personal playlist with Belle’s songs on it

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