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New Online Game to Become Addicted to?

There’s been a new game floating around the past few weeks. It’s an online game called Infinite Craft where you merge elements together to create new elements. You start with just water, fire, wind, and earth. You can then combine these elements to create a nearly infinite amount of unique elements.

You might think I’m exaggerating here, maybe there’s only a thousand elements at most or something. The name of the game does not lie, though. Whenever you combine elements together, an AI is used to generate the next element. This means you can discover new elements that nobody else has seen, which the game calls a “First Discovery”.

It seems like a really simple premise, but it can get pretty addicting just combining random things together to see what you can make. You can make anything from Godzilla, to Peter Griffin, to Spongecthulhu sushi. Literally anything you can think of is probably possible to make in this game, although you might only be able to get to it in a roundabout way. If you want to play it you can go to

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