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Nintendo Partner Direct 2024 Review


The Nintendo Partner Direct 02/21/2024 is a showcase of upcoming games to appear on the Nintendo Switch. Unlike other standard directs, the partner direct is all about third party and indie developers. So rather than getting your Mario or Zelda, you will be getting some of your Ubisoft, Sega, or other non Nintendo companies publishing for the system.

This showcase was about 23 minutes long showing a variety of games. Here is a quick overview of the most notable games shown.

Disney Epic Mickey Rebrushed

Epic Mickey was originally released on the Nintendo Wii 2010. This is a remake of this game with updated controls and graphics. Reception looks good especially with the heavily upgraded visuals. This action adventure game follows Mickey Mouse who discovers a magic paint brush that creates a magical world filled with forgotten Disney characters. While messing around with the brush, Mickey ends up spilling ink and destroying the world causing it to become a wasteland--a wasteland he is soon dragged in to fix.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble

Super Monkey Ball is a series created by Sega. You play as Ai Ai, a monkey who runs in a ball in a platforming challenge course filled with slopes and a bottomless pit where you challenge yourself to finish as fast as possible. Banana rumble is the newest entry into the series, and it hosts not only a redesign for Ai Ai and other characters, but also refurbished visuals, new courses, and even new abilities.

With reception as well being decently positive people are happy to see Sega invest their time into some of their old properties.

Endless Ocean: Luminous

Endless Ocean is another game that originated on the Wii, it is a scuba diving game where you explore the ocean, see new creatures, and discover what lies under the sea. each dive is a new experience. With the newest entry in the series Luminous, you can play with up to 30 people and there are new things to discover.

This was unexpected reveal, and some of the most hardcore fans rejoiced.

Honorable Mentions

Some of the other games revealed were also very interesting:

STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection: A collection of the past star wars battlefront games all ported to the switch

SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY!: the newest game made by south park studios that is 3D and is multiplayer.

World of Goo 2: the sequel to the physics puzzle game where you transport goo to complete levels

Overall, Nintendo Direct was solid. It was nothing spectacular, but it was entertaining enough and good to know the newest releases for the year ahead.

You can find the direct here if you want to check it out yourself!

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